Welcome to Christian Life Gospel Center, Petaling Jaya.

We are a community of Christians committed to worshiping Jesus Christ and sharing His Love with others. Our commitment is expressed through a personal relationship with God, building up strong individuals and families in our midst, missions and active service to the poor and needy. We hope that you will enjoy warm fellowship with us as we seek God and serve others.

We are called first to love God with all out hearts, minds, soul and strength. We express this through a personal relationship with God, songs and serving others.Learn More
We value community-living and our Christian walk. As we belong to Christ, we also belong to one another. We believe that by nurturing and treasuring authentic, loving relationships in our midst, the Trinity is fully expressed to all.Learn More
The second commandment tells us that we are to love our neighbours as ourselves. Jesus has called us to go into the world and to be a blessing. We express this in many ways including partnering with churches in other nations, serving the poor and feeding the hungry.Learn More