by Choe Swee See

I once shared my testimony of how the Lord prepared my father (who had earlier become a Christian) a week before his passing away by giving him a vision of heaven so that he could be at peace with death, and be ready to meet His Maker. After I had finished my sharing, someone from the audience, Corey, who was encouraged by the testimony, asked if I could pray specifically for a relative – who had rejected Christ before – to have the same experience with God as my father did. This relative was in hospital with a terminal illness. I prayed a simple prayer. That was at 10 pm.

Around midnight Corey received news that Jamie, the relative we had prayed for, had accepted Christ through another family member who had gone to share the gospel with Jamie that very night. The time of Jamie’s salvation was 10 pm!

Weeks later, Jamie breathed his last breath. At the funeral, Jamie’s son said to Corey, “I want to believe in this Jesus whom dad accepted in hospital because I heard of dad’s experience with Him.” The Lord had given Jamie a vision that very night of our praying for him at our meeting!

I couldn’t stop thinking of the incident for months because I was amazed and awed yet humbled by God’s amazing love (John 3.16) that none should perish (2 Peter 3.9). When we relate our testimonies to others:-

  • it encourages faith to arise,
  • that faith to believe and take God at His Word causes miracles to happen
    because faith pleases God,
  • the obedience and courage in sharing our testimonies pleases God and He
    takes us to another level of walking with Him, and
  • when we are faithful with the little that God entrusts to us, “more will be given” (Matt 13.12 & Mark 4.25).

So brothers and sisters, step out in faith to share your testimonies (be it the miracles in your life or even your salvation stories) that not only the Body of Christ will be encouraged and rise up but that many will receive salvation.