by Hilda Solomon

Walking with God has brought me on so many adventures; I’m going to share a few that happened

Crossing fear
Last year, I was in Cambodia and followed Hope Centre’s staff to the villages. Hope Centre is a
women’s outreach founded by Steve Hyde & Noit. One village that we were visiting was cut off as the
muddy road was submerged in water, flowing like a river. We had to park our motorbikes and cross
over to the other side by foot. I was completely terrified and dreaded what was ahead. I was praying
and hoping that we will turn back and ditch the idea of visiting the village. However, the staff did not
let that hinder us and we crossed over with two of them holding my hands and me hanging on for
dear life.

But when we reached the village, the fellowship was wonderful. We met ex-Khmer Rouge soldiers
who had lost their legs in the mine fields around their village. The time with them was worth the
inconvenience of crossing the waters! We later visited a home, shared the gospel and prayed for the
family who had a mentally challenged son.

When we answer the call to reach out to the communities, we have to be willing to cross over from our comfort zones and to rough roads ahead. It is an opportunity to overcome our fears, and God will see us through when we confront our fears. (2 Timothy 1:7)

Without borders
Recently we had our Temuan tuition under a tree. The halls we usually use for Saturday classes
were not available that day and the caretaker had failed to inform us. It would have been easy to just
cancel the class and enjoy the rest of the Saturday doing our own things, but we decided to bring out
a mat and taught the kids under a nearby tree.

It was different experience and a fun one too! The kids from our church who came along with their
parents to serve also learnt a valuable lesson that day.

God taught us not be confined to the familiar and easy route but to be always flexible and be willing to adapt to any circumstances. (Matthew 8:20)

Love is the key
When we started community work at Temuan, we went in with lofty ideas of how we were going to
change the community there. Many mistakes and obstacles later, what God taught us was completely
different from what we had planned. We learned not to impose our ways, our culture or thinking.
We were not to assume our ways were better than theirs. Instead, God wanted us to get to know
them, accept and love them for who they are. We are not to be result-oriented but to allow God to
work through us and lead us to disciple the community with His heart. We are to continue to plough
and sow faithfully, leaving the results to God.

Jesus, when He was on the earth, was constantly with people whom He loved, cared, taught and
shared with. He served humanity not for selfish gains but because He loved deeply. He set the
ultimate example by dying for all the communities of the world.

Whatever God has called us to do, let‘s do it because we are compelled by His love. (1 Cor 13)

I believe as we continue to walk in obedience and venture into the places He call us, there will be
many more stories and lessons as He takes us on our own adventures.